Notre Dame’s 25th Annual 3-Day Crafts, Gifts & Collectibles Show Canceled

拉杜角, Mo. – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current health guidelines, 凤凰彩票下载官网 has decided to cancel its upcoming Crafts, Gifts & Collectibles Show.  Notre Dame hopes to have the continued support of the community as we work hard 做什么是最好的健康和我们的供应商,学生,家长的安全性,和一般公众。

“我真正的爱与所有供应商的合作,今年将错过能量和兴奋,说:”工艺展主办方迪纳pecord。 “这一直是这样一个困难的决定。所有表演艺术和视觉艺术的学生获得了这么多的服务供应商,并与顾客互动“。

The Annual 3-Day Crafts, Gifts & Collectibles Show takes place on the campus of Notre Dame Regional High School.  Students in the Performing and Visual 艺术 assist vendors with load-in and load-out of their booths, serve vendors food and drink during the show and watch over the booth to allow vendors to take a break.  The craft show has an average of 5,000 individuals who visit the craft show and all proceeds benefit the Performing and 视觉艺术 at 凤凰彩票下载官网.